So why am I creating this?

Well mainly because I feel compelled to. I need to share my thoughts and basically I have no one that I would really want to burden with everything I feel/think

My Girlfriend (Let’s just call her A1 for now) ┬áis asexual, which wouldn’t be the worst thing but she is also anti-affectionate and honestly a little mean. I’m basically in an emotionally abusive relationship that my friends have warned me against but I feel like a junkie and keep getting sucked back in. Or not leaving, but I digress. We can talk about all that in a future post.

Basically I am writing all this as a brutally honest representation of my life. My thoughts, my dreams, my fuckups my failures and all the shit in between. I focused on fuckups and failures because well…they are usually more damaging than the wins. Also people should learn from other’s mistakes.


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