Have you ever written a suicide note?

I have. I have written quite a few. I’ve written them when feeling down, when I was unsure of how to continue. This is the first time I’ve written 25 and saved them and given access to my email to a buddy to send out in case something happens.

I’m not really sure if they are actually suicide notes or not. They are notes about how I feel about that person. My thoughts, dreams, everything I think they should know once I’m gone.

I still don’t know if it’s selfish or not to write these.

I don’t know if they would want to read them or not.

I wrote to my daughter and tell her how amazing she is. How she shouldn’t accept anyone who doesn’t want the best for her in her life.

I write to old friends. I write to old lovers and tell them what they taught me.

I write to the ones I should have fought for. The ones I love, the ones I’ve loved for the longest time and it doesn’t make a difference.


Have you ever written a suicide note?


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